Did you know that a roach can live without its head for two weeks?

While they're not exactly welcome guests in most people's homes, roaches are fascinating insects in many respects. They are able to survive a wide variety of conditions and can live almost anywhere in the world. But while they can eat just about anything, they need the proper food for the best nutrition.

When looking for roaches for sale, you will need to give them the proper roach chow so they become healthy roaches for reptiles. But it's not as simple as throwing them a few breadcrumbs. Keep reading for three tips when buying roach chow.

1. Roaches for Sale Require Safe Food

Roaches can eat almost anything--even glue, paper, and many other items that aren't technically food. They are survivors that can subsist in a home where the victuals are locked away. However, there's a problem with feeding roaches any scraps you can find.

Most people don't keep roaches for pets, instead using them to gut-load a reptile. As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. Feeding your reptile a roach that has eaten garbage is bad for your reptile's health.

Roach food should be rich in vitamins and minerals. It should include all the things your lizard requires for optimal health. When you feed your roaches, imagine for a moment that you're feeding the reptile itself.

That means you should never give your roaches spoiled vegetables or rotting meat. While they can consume these things, mold may develop that kills the rest of them. Purchase quality, nutritious chow made specifically for roaches.

2. Don't Buy Protein-Rich Foods

With the previous section in mind, you might be thinking it's time to give your roaches a five-course meal. Break out the chinaware and feed them venison with caviar. But not so fast; there's something else to consider here.

You might think it's okay to feed the roach protein-rich foods, such as pet chow, that you purchase online. But this is a bad idea.

Roaches actually contain a lot of protein. When you feed them even more, they have to dispose of it somehow. This results in roaches filled with uric acid, which in turn can be poisonous for your reptile.

Buy chow that is low in protein.

3. Buy a Variety of Foods

After you buy roaches, you might just choose the first option off the online shelf. However, roaches, like any other species, need a variated diet.

Try to change up the roach chow every few days. Buy multiple kinds, particularly those that are all-purpose and multi-vitamin. This ensures your roaches get a healthy variety to bulk them up for gut-loading.

Buy Roaches Today

Roaches for sale are an easy way to gut-load your favorite lizard. But when you do find dubia roaches for sale, know that they do have some dietary needs. Giving them the correct diet ensures that the lizard has a healthy food source.

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