Got your brand new surfboard and wetsuit?

If you’re new to surfing, it’s helpful to know what to expect in your first few waves for surfing. New surfers make all kinds of beginner mistakes no one has to suffer through! To help you shred the waves without frustration.

Here are some common beginner surfer mistakes to avoid.

Surfing is supposed to be fun, so have a blast and learn from others' blunders.

1. Not Dressing Properly

Common beginner surfer mistakes include not dressing properly. Avoid wearing cotton surfwear- opt for rashguard shirts, swim shorts, and booties. Rashguards provide protection from the sun and chafing, while swim shorts help protect against jellyfish and other marine creatures.

Not sure what size wetsuit you need is also a mistake. All you need is your body measurements when sizing wetsuits, and you'll be able to find the perfect wetsuit size for your body shape and size with an easy-to-use wetsuit size guide.

2. Not Practicing the Basics

Many times, beginner surfers are eager to try more difficult surfing tricks and maneuvers, jumping and tricking too quickly rather than mastering the basics. The basics include the correct technique for paddling out, standing up on a wave, and reading the ocean.

Practicing the basics will help build a solid foundation and better prepare surfers to progress to more difficult maneuvers.

3. Improper Paddle Posture

Improper paddle posture can ruin your time in the water. This is because you’ll be putting yourself at a disadvantage from the start and won’t have much success mastering the art of surfing. To ensure you have a better surfing equipment checklist, be assured to keep your paddle posture up during each stroke.

Slouching or dipping your head will make it harder to properly paddle and propel the board on the wave.

4. Struggling to Maintain Balance

If a surfer cannot stay balanced, they may not be able to steer the board and not be able to maintain their position while riding the wave. To avoid this mistake, it is important to practice standing up on the board and paddling in the water.

5. Ignoring Safety Practices

Without proper surface knowledge and preparation, beginner surfers are putting themselves at risk of serious injury or worse. It’s important to pay close attention to local conditions, check water depths, and be aware of other potential hazards besides yourself.

Before entering the water, make sure you are well equipped with a life vest, a first aid kit, and a safety whistle in case you need help. Once in the water, remain aware of rip tides and other potential currents, stay close to shore, and pay attention to surrounding surfers by maintaining a safe distance.

Knowing the Common Beginner Surfer Mistakes

Overall, there are many common beginner surfer mistakes, such as poor equipment choice, incorrect pop-up technique, or ignoring waves. However, with the right preparation and advice, you can avoid them. Consult a qualified surf instructor, use the proper equipment, and practice, practice, practice!

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